Our Values

Our Values
Our 'Pillars of Play' and values under our Classic Wallabies charter.

Provide support, camaraderie, and community to all former Wallabies, and to celebrate these players as champions and ambassadors of the game.

Develop and strengthen the sport of rugby at grassroots level across Australia.

Grow the Classic Wallabies brand into a self-sustaining business entity that is capable of influencing, developing, and assisting the sport of rugby across Australia.

Our Values

Respect the cultures and traditions of the sport of rugby and all of those who choose to play and support it.


Include all individuals who love the sport of rugby, regardless of upbringing, race or gender.


Ensure that the welfare of your fellow members is at the forefront of everything you do.


Demonstrate pride and support for the achievements of all Wallabies, both current and former.